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Article Contents Download an app on your phone, link it to your bank account, contribute some money each month to a pool shared with a bunch of people you've never met before, and wait your turn to get a payout. I'm no mind reader, but you probably have one of two reactions to that proposition: "That sounds shady as all hell" or "That sounds like something my parents did." Well, this is the general idea behind Yahoo Finance's new app called Tanda, and it probably warrants some explanation. "Tanda" Read more [...]
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Google Home is available in a few countries, but if you live anywhere outside the US, your choice for a video provider is quite limited. Telling Home to play a video from YouTube, Google Photos, or Netflix works in all countries, but that's it. The US gets CBS, CW, Viki, and YouTube TV, but other countries don't have any local content providers. Beside Australia, that is, which has Stan and now Germany is adding maxdome (it should work though it hasn't shown up in this list yet). According to Read more [...]
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The Mobile World Congress 2018 is coming closer and closer and the mobile communications industry is preparing everything for the largest trade fair in the industry. It appears that LG has changed their plans at short notice. Since the G7 is apparently back on the drawing board, the star at LG’s stand in Barcelona will be a version of the V30 expanded with artificial intelligence. Traditionally, one of the annual MWC highlights is a G-Series LG smartphone, but this year it looks very much like Read more [...]
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Lava Red OnePlus 5T is now available for purchase in India. OnePlus has seen a meteoric growth in India over the last 18 months, with the brand dominating sales in the premium segment. There's clearly a lot of demand for the manufacturer's phones, and the brand is doing its part to cater to that demand by rolling out new color options. We've seen that last month with the gorgeous Star Wars-themed variant of the 5T, and now the company is launching the Lava Red color option in India. The Lava Red Read more [...]
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The Lava Red OnePlus 5T first debuted in November of last year. To the chagrin of many fans, it turned out to be exclusively for the Chinese market, but that will soon cease to be the case. This especially bright OnePlus 5T is headed to India, and enthusiasts there will be able to buy one starting January 20th. Hey look, it's a red OnePlus 5T. Coming soon, apparently. — David Ruddock (@RDR0b11) January 10, 2018 OnePlus brought the Lava Red color of the 5T to CES Read more [...]
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