Android App Cocktail Flow Review

Android App Cocktail Flow Review

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Whether you are a true bartender or simply playing one at your following celebration, Cocktail Flow makes short work of serving up everybody’s beloved libation. The app amazes along with its simple to use (and easy on the eyes) user interface, making it the most effective made, most über useful drink app on Google Play. Having this app on your Android phone is like having a Gary Vaynerchuk for drinks in your wallet.

The Cocktail Flow app is complimentary for your Android phone and includes over 150 dishes to obtain you started. Installing the app is uncomplicated and the app respects you by not asking you to link it to Twitter or facebook accounts– a politeness expected from an app as well designed as this.

Cocktail Flow flaunts a grand set of attributes and a much more excellent listing of cocktails however where the app genuinely triumphes is its interface. The app’s design flows across all its haves, making it simpler to utilize rather than just being a glossy coat of paint covering up a design-as-an-afterthought viewpoint.

… And there isn’t enough time for a beer run! Cocktail Flow has an Active ingredients in the cupboard function where the app permits you know which cocktails you could make along with the components available.

Want to surprise your buddies along with the most summery of drinks but do not wish to invest hours finding out mixology? The Shock Me and the Similar Drinks components help you whip up a book drink in record time. Nevertheless, unscientific proof suggests that the most typical demand a bartender gets besides for partnership advice is “Shock me”. Now, if just Cocktail Flow let you shake your phone to obtain a new arbitrary drink, cocktail-pong would certainly be a mainstream recreation.

Cocktail Flow’s smart shopping aide assists you get the most value out of your bar stocking journey by intending exactly what the overall damage to your purse will certainly be prior to you set foot into the store. The app maximizes investments by helping decide on active ingredients typical to most drinks allowing a selection of cocktails to be jumbled with a few bottles of mixers and liqueurs.

The on a regular basis updated unique style bundles like New Years, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Halloween, and St Patrick’s day give you instantaneous drink classics and combined specials to color the festive season. Motif bundles are divvied up by unique affairs, holidays, and, consume household, though the Super Bowl special “Big Game” package deal falls under all three!

The only feature that has actually yet required that I whip out an additional app while nestling a mixing spoon is the wish of more drinks in more theme bundles. A great deal of Googling and a lit some persistence yields incredible drink food selections and it is shocking to find that there isn’t really an obligatory Mad Men or James Bond theme package in there.


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