Android App Customizable TweetLine Review

Android App Customizable TweetLine Review

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Along with the current mushrooming of Twitter apps like Falcon, Carbon and Tweetings, it is becoming hard for developers to separate their apps and offer special attributes. Numerous focus on electric individuals and implement innovative functions, such as multi-account assistance and Tweet Colored pen compatibility.

TweetLine, nonetheless, takes a very various technique and emphasizes simplicity and customization: no more complex screens, overcrowded timelines and hard-to read tweets. It’s all desensitized down to an easy-to-use interface that needs really couple of water faucets to get something done. The interface is also designed to fit your individual requirements, as columns and shades are totally adjustable.

TweetLine’s interface is somewhat unique in a feeling that it’s easy and functional, yet needs some becoming enjoyed to. Undoubtedly, the app is substantially various from the others in the means it’s made use of: Don’t worry, there’s still a timeline take– phew!– yet the way you interact along with tweets is extremely special.

The first strangeness is the action bar below the display: None of the images allow you visit your discusses, messages or favorites; these are accessed by wiping the screen to reveal the various columns. The buttons rather allow you publish a brand-new tweet and access advanced features, such as the Column Supervisor, the search function, your profile and your settings.

The Pillar Manager allows you to add pillars and reorganize them, so you can easily access them by wiping from a column to one more, like TweetDeck back thens …

The 2nd specificity of TweetLine is that while the majority of applications open a “detailed” take of a tweet when your fingers tap one, TweetLine does things very in different ways. Instead of revealing you a conversation view or an examine of a link/image, it will merely display an action bar below the display, which enables you to reply, retweet, open up the talk sight, open an “accessory”– hyperlink, image, hashtag– see your profile, copy, share and favorite the tweet. It’s a pitty the Favorite and Share items are hidden in the Additional food selection, as you are more likely to use them compared to see your very own profile prior to responsing a tweet.

Although TweetLine could occasionally need you to go through extra water faucets, it likewise includes a very practical sidebar that puts a handful of functions simply a swipe away: sight and modify your profile, search for individuals or tweets, display global and neighborhood trends, check the people you follow and your followers, favorites and retweets. This ares more convenient on a tablet, as the rest of the pillars remain on the screen while the additional material of the sidebar is presented left wing. What’s even better is that the sidebar comes from any kind of column, essentially making material offered at a glance.


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