Android App Domino Run Review

Android App Domino Run Review

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We’ve all explored something connected to dominoes at some point in our lives. Either we have actually played a game of dominoes or checked out an epic show of tinted dominoes dropping, toppling each various other in a domino effect.

Domino Run is offered on the Android Market for devices operating Android 2.1 and up. It’s offered in 2 variations: Lite, which is free but has a limited number of degrees, and paid, which has even more levels, however will set you back about $2.25.

The mechanics of the game are rather easy. Each degree has a fixed number of Domino Stones, arranged in a certain fashion on a series of systems. Your goal it to rearrange them in a way that will make them all tumble. Simply getting on a rock and then slide in the instructions you prefer it to tumble. Relatively simple, you could say. Well, I have actually been playing this game for over a week and I could not defeat it.

I may have found this game a little bit annoying initially, but I believe it’s worth a go. Clearly there was a lot of time purchased it. I do not wish to be the one to state it is a bad competition, but there is space for some renovation. As a score I provide it a -1 for the absence of tips, -1 for the benefit system and a -1 for problem. That must offer it a last score of 7, however I provide it a +1 for the outstanding music and graphics, meanings that 8 is my final decision.


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