Android App Flick Golf Review

Android App Flick Golf Review

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Flick Golf is an amusing gold mine of golf that positions more focus on fun and playability compared to it does on being an authentic simulation. This is definitely no comprehensively accurate Tiger Woods title, and you will not be looking at your device attempting to figure out whether the rugged St Andrews par three requires a 4-iron or a sand wedge.

The control you has more than the ball, through twist, is a little over the top. It permits you alter instructions a couple of times, as well as include some backspin later on if you need the ball to roll nicely in reverse. This makes the gameplay design far more arcade compared to dedicated golf simulation, which may dissuade golf puritans. You just drive the ball, after that manipulate it in to solitary confinement; there is no putting, no sand wedges and no anxious cutting from an impossible bunker.

Rating in Flick Golf is understandable. Everything is practically par 1: you go through one shot only. Hitting a hole-in-one jumps you a cool 1000 points. Outside that, there are zones you gain factors from, which lessen in value as you get further from solitary confinement. Truly close obtains you 500 factors, then 400, 300 and the outer ring is 200 factors. Each degree gives you a target of indicate open the next level and more.

Flick Golf is a deliriously enjoyable and addictive game that is quickly usable. This is not the Tiger Woods franchise business so do not anticipate to perceive Nike Swooshes, substantial wardrobes and business sponsorship of every golf club manufacturer in the world. The game is all about developing an enjoyable setting and uncontrollable gameplay. It’s golf, simply not as we know it. Struck a glorious hole-in-one from a secured yacht, battle versus the wind in the Californian desert and try and avoid losing the ball in a lake– it’s pure arcade enjoyable.


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