Android App HeavenHell Review

Android App HeavenHell Review

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Ah– good vs. evil, angels battling daemons … demand I claim even more? If you take pleasure in mind and puzzle games with an ultimate archetypal gameplay do read on as HeavenHell could just be your roasting, infernal cup of tea.

The HeavenHell gameplay is ordinary: there are angels and devils that change appeal when you click on them, occasionally they’re round circles and in some cases they’re square. The objective is to companion the daemons in to an intense hole by shaking them off the screen. To do so you must alter the forms of angels/demons to ensure, as an example, an angel will roll down a pitch and in doing so run across a daimon which then falls off a cliff. Don’t permit the ordinary gameplay lull you in to an inaccurate sense of security: the competition is challenging sufficient to keep you on your toes. In greater degrees you will certainly come across challenges such as tree stumps and openings.

HeavenHell is heavenly and devilishly enjoyable simultaneously! The gameplay isn’t extraordinary however the game is well considered and created. It’s difficult sufficient to keep you hooked, however at times it’s merely a little bit also discouraging.


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