Android App Lemon Wallet Review

Android App Lemon Wallet Review

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Our cellular phone are switching out every little thing. Now also our budgets are being replaced. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to get rid of that bump in their back wallets or bags? Near industry communication technology, together with online payment solutions (ie. Google Wallet and Paypal), are paying making use of smartphones possible. Applications like Mint help to track personal funds. Now there’s an app that comes to be a digital backup of every little thing in your wallet.

The initial Lemon Receipts app already brought us the capacity to take a photo of invoices, browse them using OCR modern technology, and automatically arrange and monitor them. If you’re not knowledgeable about the app, that’s all right due to the fact that this job is additionally included in the Lemon Wallet app.

The awesome new include the team at Lemon gives is the capability to carry about a digital data backup of all the cards in your wallet. No more running to get it for bank card details! And oftens, you no longer have to hold that protruding wallet in your back pocket.

Despite the fact that OCR is neat and Lemon does a good job of scanning photos of invoices and cards to pull all the details for you, you might still need to see the initial image, whether it be for even more details or to check several of the information (OCR isn’t perfect, you know)? Do not fret, Lemon Wallet tries to keep the initial photos for you.

One important element of Lemon Wallet is that it’s safe and secure– seriously, that would want to save charge card in an app that does not provide a strict security? This was truly among my issues before snapping pictures of my own charge card for the app. What if my phone obtains stolen? What if Lemon knows, makes use of or cracks my card information?

As you can see, Lemon Wallet has a great combo of tools that make it a great digital data backup of your wallet and also an excellent way to track day-to-day spending. You can now leave your wallet residence and still have secure access to card numbers and other information. Personally, I can see the capacity of apps like Lemon Wallet. Integrate it along with various other emerging mobile acquiring innovations and we’re currently closer to fully replacing our pocketbooks by our phones.


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