Android App Panda Fishing Review

Android App Panda Fishing Review

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Hmm– an insane Kung Fu Panda and Fruit Ninja drink, does that bode well? That’s the picture Panda Fishing created in my mind, and I must confess that initially I was somewhat perplexed and didn’t know what to make of it. I chose to give it a go; keep reading to learn what our decision of the competition is.

Mobile phone application designers are encountering a little dilemma nowadays: when Android had actually merely been freshly created on the marketplace it was reasonably easy to gather success for fascinating fledgling applications. Now the market is flooded with hundreds of countless applications, and a great deal of budding applications drown in the masses– which is why I like taking the possibility to examine apps that don’t feel like mere copies of other, already successful applications. That said, Panda Fishing brings three (already availabling) points to mind: a movie (Kung Fu Panda), a competition (there are tons of fishing games around, take your pick) and an additional game (Fruit Panda). So exactly what’s it all about?

The introduction is extremely brief– it includes only 4 images, very much in Kung Fu Panda graphics design– and notifies you that the competition’s lead character (you suspected it, it’s a panda!) wishes to educate with some sort of Ninja professional, that in turn tells the panda that first he should find out to fish. Therefore the panda casts the hook, which the player should navigate to the bottom of the water, with the schools of fish, making use of motion sensing units. You should if so, bring the hook back up and nab as many fish as possible. Lastly, the fish have to be sawed in to little bits (Fruit Ninja flashback). You will get cash for every fish; different fish types are worth various quantities of cash. Along the way you will certainly experience a couple of enjoyable few surprises, such as squids that splatter ink on the display when you hack them into bits.

Thanks to the upgrade feature Panda Fishing is the sort of game players will certainly stick with for a fair amount of time, because, naked truth be informed, the game does not have everything much to offer. It’s enjoyable, true, however not mind blowing. If you perform the prowl for new applications to try go on and give this one a go– however there are cooler choices around, in my point of view.


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