Android App Paper Toss Review

Android App Paper Toss Review

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It has to have been an excruciatingly boring day at the workplace when the developers of Paper Toss thought of a concept for a new game. Throwing littles pressed up paper in to a wastebasket while positioning like Kobe Bryant has got to stand for the embodiment of human dullness and degradation.

There’s also a high ratings button, which rounds off a rather basic and primary food selection. Usage the Papaya Button (for sustaining in the international ranks) and an exit button. And it do without pointing out that there is a button to transform the sound on/off also.

The principle behind Paper Toss is not only excellent, yet likewise actually well implemented! Both the graphics and competition physics are enjoyable and, a lot more importantly, extremely practical. Each time you botch a toss, your associates will yell stuff like “Hi, enjoy it!” or “Why don’t you know ways to throw ?!”.


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