Android Clamshell Phone from Samsung? Meet the Samsung Galaxy Folder

Android Clamshell Phone from Samsung? Meet the Samsung Galaxy Folder

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Samsung Galaxy Folder

I recently started watching a show on Netflix called Intelligence. Its a police/crime show, set in Canada, made in 2006.

Practically everyone in the show has clamshell or ‘flip’ phones, from the Motorola Razr to some nasty clunky looking things, but it did make me long for the simplicity and satisfaction of snapping shut a phone at the end of a call. No worries about throwing it in your pocket with your keys. There were virtually no protective cases for flip phones!

Samsung Galaxy Folder

Of course the emphasis of phone usage has moved away from voice to data, and naturally people want larger screens to take advantage of this data-centric world, from email to web browsing to watching the very service that I watched Intelligence on – Netflix.

Anyway – along with all its numeric keypad and small screen limitations, I came across a rumour that Samsung might be bringing back an Android flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Folder.

Identified as the ‘Samsung Galaxy Folder’, it will feature a 480×800 WVGA display and a dual-core Snapdragon S4 SoC. Upon release, it will ship with Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and connect to LTE, though it will be pitched as a lower-end handset.

Owing to the flip form factor, the phone will be launching with one of those old-fashioned alpha numerickeyboards, so it should be interesting to see how Android translates this input method. Model numbers mentioned have been SHV-E400S and SHV-E400K, so there could be two variants of the phone (possibly one with and without LTE radios?).

I would love to try out a current gen flip phone, and even a tiny variation on the ‘black slab’ form factor we’ve been stuck with for the last 4 years would be great, so lets hope Samsung actually bring this into production and let it loose outside South Korea where its rumoured it will be restricted to. Ebay is your friend though..

Source: DDaily (Korean) Via: Neowin

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