Review Physics-Based Puzzle Game Tupsu Android App

Review Physics-Based Puzzle Game Tupsu Android App

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Atmospheric competitions have made an important comeback since award-winning Xbox puzzle-platformer Limbo came by 2010 to significant success. That’s an advantage, I may add, considering that they supply an enthralling encounter when done right.

Tupsu places you in control of a furry little blob beast along with tacky, elastic eyes. You drag his eyes onto objects and non-shiny surfaces to move your man around the level. Enlisting on an eye to release it. Every little thing is physics-based, so you can– and will need to– swing and push little Tupsu concerning by extending his eyes and promptly releasing them.

Faced with seemingly difficult leaps, you have no selection however to attempt whatever enters your mind. Yet commonly the harder traversals include greater than just discovering creative ways to fling your little beast at a best position or across a large void. He has to be fulled of air, given that there are spiked balls that pop your man– and they are regularly put in areas where you ‘d likely require a couple of replay efforts anyhow.

This results in frequent undue frustration overdid top of the center challenge at hand. You learn to be much more cautious and accurate, however consequently believe less outside the box and more “exactly how can I get there in the most pain-free method feasible?” Incorporated along with the absence of built-in aid and the absence of level skipping, Tupsu rarely beams its brightest.

Tupsu bears greater than a passing resemblance to Chillingo’s Contre Jour, both in regards to its stunning aesthetic appearances and its puzzle style. Yet both are most certainly various creatures, and without a doubt their corresponding approaches regarding moving your blob-like animal around degrees are at odds with each various other.

I wanted to love Tupsu. At its best, the competition is a best blend of fun, creative, lovely, and tough. However such moments are few and far between. Tupsu makes an impression on at every turn, then goes back and checks your persistence. With a little more polish, this could be brilliant; instead it’s held by its captivating presentation.


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