Review Twitter Client Twicca Android App

Review Twitter Client Twicca Android App

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Allow me save you the difficulty and claim what’s already on your mind: Twicca is traditional. Like Froyo-level old-school. Actually, it’s probably among the few apps that I began making use of when I got my initial Android device and continuously make use of already– and I think the explanation behind that is since I still make use of Twitter the same way I did before.

On Android, I’m not a Twitter power individual; I conserve the heavy lifting for web apps on my desktop computer, which is where I’m parked for most of the day. Exactly what I require is something that’s quick, effortless to utilize and permits me to focus on checking out tweets when I’m in between consultations, operating routine assignments, or travelling.

Back in 2011, I had not been really active on Twitter– I ‘d only just started to adhere to prominent authors, developers, designers and blogs, and located it to be a fantastic resource of brand-new material to go through. I attempted a couple of Twitter clients and happened upon Twicca, which looked and seemed like the least intimidating of the whole lot.

Twicca’s bright attributes make it a pleasure for laid-back Twitter users– from automobile capitalization and handle autocompletion, to easy mute setups (mute by user, Twitter client or by key words, a blessing for hiding Foursquare updates) to TwitLonger integration– which you wouldn’t really get out of a bare-bones customer similar to this.

Eventually, I began to desire a bit even more command over my Twitter experience, and Twicca rose to the affair. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the app assists plugins that are readily available in lots free of charge. Along with these, I had the ability to change image upload handling from through. me to Twitpic, add links in tweets to Wallet and Evernote directly from the context food selection, save drafts of tweets, and search Google or Twitter with content from a tweet. Exactly how awesome is that?

I wish I could advise Twicca to every person, yet that would be unethical on my component towards all the various other excellent customers available. The app doesn’t implement motions or inline media previews, support a number of accounts or enable users to response a number of tweets instantly.


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