Android App Facebook Your New Android Home Review

Android App Facebook Your New Android Home Review

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Earlier today, Connor shared with you the Facebook Home launch news in This Week in Android’s recap. The new launcher needs to be available to some Android devices on April 12th, and its still uncertain whether it will feature all functionality– like talk heads and the alert tweaks– or just the launcher and app compartment.

This leaves me rather perplex. On the one hand, it’s interesting to see a person taking a different strategy to the Android house past widgets and introducing apps. On the various other, you may not take advantage of the complete experience unless you have dedicated equipment like on the HTC First.

Besides, it’s still Facebook, meanings that the experience will be dependent on your buddies. If you have exceptional pals who travel, throw parties and are always doing something intriguing, then you’ll most likely enjoy Facebook House. But if your “friends” are just high-school associates that post duckfaces, flooding you with not-so-adorable kid photos, and chronicle every dish they consume, then you most likely won’t take pleasure in Facebook House as long as Zuckerberg prefers you to.

Will you provide this new launcher a try? Or are you not the least bit considering having Facebook as your home?


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