Review Angry Birds Star Wars Android App

Review Angry Birds Star Wars Android App

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Angry Birds– need I say even more? All of us understand it, we all enjoy it (or adore to despise it) and for the past 3 years there’s virtually been no escaping it. And now– hang on to your hats listed here– Angry Birds and Fate Battles have actually collaborated and bring out a hybrid competition: Angry Birds Star Wars. Let’s dive right in and discover a lot more.

The gameplay is still the very same as ever: sling a lot of miffed birds at a different lot of unpleasant porkers. Who knows what the magic formula is that aided transform the original Angry Birds (in addition to a lot of its flankers) in to such a world broad success; my assumption is that the great physics engine in combination with the enjoyable and unusual gameplay (and a powerful advertising method) is exactly what pressed the Angry Birds up into the stratosphere. I personally obtained a little bit supplied up with Angry Birds– yet then came Angry Birds Star Wars. The difference is the setting (outer space), implying that both the visuals and physics are transformed up. And obtain this: a few of the settings are the same as in the original Celebrity Wars triumvirate. Not just that, yet a few of the Superstar Wars character appear and are part of the game. IMO, Rovio have done a great jb at thinking of a totally new test drive on Angry Birds.

The physics engine is still as outstanding, and every brand-new round is a bit different from the previous one. As a Star Wars fan I was thrilled to see Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and a few others make looks. Luke has a lightsaber (obviously), and Han Solo carries a laser gun. You can also utilize The Pressure to forecast objects with the air.

Angry Birds Star Wars is quite merely an exceptional competition, and actually my preferred from the entire Angry Birds collection. They’ve truly handled to include the Superstar Wars franchise in a wise and individual method, consisting of sounds and music. The major menu music is a fantastic mix in between Stars Wars and Angry Birds music– wicked! Porkers are Imperial troupes, and laser devices and robotics (e.g. AT-AT) can easily be used to your benefit. Amazing!


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