Review Hugo Retro Mania Android App

Review Hugo Retro Mania Android App

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Like several of you, I grew up with Hugo. C’mon, you know who I’m discussing: that adorable troll who cruised around on a junky old scooter in the 1990s. Well, he’s back and kicking in Hugo Retro Mania.

As pointed out in the intro Hugo’s splendor days were back in the 1990s. Now he’s back as a jump ‘n’ operate hero, and this Hugo come-back has helped get great deals of supporters chatting– however can he/she accomplish the very same degree of popularity as before?

In Hugo Retro Mania the Goal is to rescue Hugo from Hexana and securely guide him through a minefield or also mine maze. Both methods consist of great deals of obstacles such as rolling wagons, spiders and stones, and you need to guarantee that Hugo does not enter direct contact along with any of them. In labyrinth mode you will additionally need to memorise a map so as to keep in mind where the exit is located. There are 30 various mazes to select from. Basically: a timeless Hugo kind gameplay that need to thrill many a Hugo supporter.

Hugo Retro Mania is a fresh remake of a video game idol I had actually lengthy failed to remember. Hard-core fans will find this game to be a must, but if you’re nothing of a Hugo fan this might be additional of a quick time killer type game for you, viewing as it’s a quite easy leap ‘n’ operate game.


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