Android App The Hills Are Greener Game Review

Android App The Hills Are Greener Game Review

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I’ve ranted a lot regarding piracy and the advantages of Android’s openness just recently. However, a current discovery from developer Lucky Framework seems to emphasize exactly how bad the issue is: their new game Gentlemen! had actually 8 paid downloads with 2,462 pirated duplicates downloaded and install as of this previous Friday, a married couple days after release. Oops.

Now, my initial response is that this is a revolting point, that Android gamers have to sustain original paid material on the system. However I think there’s other think about play listed here besides “Android individuals are filthy buccaneers.”.

Consider the “8 duplicates” number and the nature of Gentlemen!: it’s a same-device multiplayer ready tablets only, priced at $4.99. Yeah, that’s not precisely a dish for excellence on Android. Paid apps can push Android, however this sort of app feels like a hard sell.

I would certainly just about ensure that the game’s pirated downloads were almost automated by nature, from a community that most likely simply pirated the game because, hey, new launch. The 30000 % piracy rate is unsustainable.

The release had not been a major venture, it seems: the game was built in Oneness, and it was type of launched on Android just because it was feasible. So, this isn’t really a story of heartbreak, fortunately.

Though I would not criticize Lucky Framework if they determined to skip Android in the future.
Exactly what this does highlight that the Android market is different. Yes, Android’s technical nature makes it easier to pirate apps versus iOS, so it’s most likely that Android applications will certainly always have a greater piracy fee. However possibly it’s various because certain games just won’t sell too on.

Android, either. Many thanks to Apple’s advertising, an iPad feels like a ‘concept’ as much as it does an item, and Android just doesn’t have that in fairly similarly. So advertising and marketing for ‘tablets’ isn’t really visiting feel the same. Especially at a $4.99 price factor, a challenging push any mobile platform.
So certain, would certainly I like to see piracy prices not be so bad for designers introducing on Android?

Sure. Would certainly I such as to see games from artistic designers like Lucky Structure prosper on Android? Sure. But some realistic look needs to be thought about when looking at why a game may or may not be doing this well.


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