Review Tweet Lanes Android app

Review Tweet Lanes Android app

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I like Holo, I really do. When Google unveiled Gelato Sandwich to the globe, I was instantly smitten along with exactly how clean and great it looked, so when I uncovered Tweet Lanes, I was smitten yet again.

Created my Chris Lacy, (the designer of Activity Launcher), it stringently sticks to Android layout standards, runs like a champ, and presents some cool new improvements, also.

First off, simply appreciate how good Tweet Lanes looks. That’s certainly Holo-theming if I have actually ever seen it, and it looks darn excellent. But just what else makes Tweet Lanes so excellent?

For one, the streets are a terrific feature Chris Lacy introduced in the context of Holo style. Rather than any type of complex tapping or button-oriented units, you merely wipe left and ideal to obtain from pillar to pillar, or, as Lacy regarded them, Lanes. (Thus Tweet Lanes.).

The Lanes you utilize are completely adjustable from the environments menu, and the only point you definitely need to keep enabled is your Twitter feed.

The second, and perhaps more important, improvement is the Context Box. Lacy got rid of reply and direct message buttons, and rather wrote a single content input industry that alters depending on exactly what you’re doing (or not doing).

Want to tweet? Fill something out in your Context Box and tweet it. Want to response somebody? Merely highlight their name (through long press) in your feed, and the Context Box instantly includes their name as an @ respond! Wish to response more than a single person? Highlight as many as you prefer, write your message, and they’ll all be replied to simultaneously!

Tweet Lanes additionally uses just what Lacy has actually described VolScroll, which lets you relocate with your Twitter feed utilizing the volume buttons to browse up and down. In my encounter, it functions well, yet I’m still a finger scrolling kinda guy, so I didn’t utilize it excessive.

Integrate all of the these features along with a number of account support and you’ve got a fantastic Twitter app on your hands. The one takeaway is no notification support, however if you can easily get past that, you must absolutely check into giving Tweet Lanes a shot.


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