Android App Robo5 Review

Android App Robo5 Review

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Robo5 is a challenging and cute puzzle platformer game. Set in a futuristic globe, you have to assist a robotic via levels of crates and boxes to complete each phase. It has a rolling narrative and brilliant story. The graphics are rather amazing and although I didn’t find it to be the most appealing from a puzzle point of view, supporters of platformers must appreciate the gameplay.

Robo5 is arrived a plain and foreboding future where you take the role of a lonely robot. He needs to make his method via degree after degree of piled boxes towards a leave high up. You can move your man around my getting on the box you want him to move to. You next, need to move personal boxes and do other little activities to allow your man to reach the leading. The difficulty of each level is to work out how you can succeed and completion of the degree.

The game provides some quite rich visuals and the graphics, along with the user interface section food selection, environments, and so on are top notch and flawlessly developed. Every little thing is remarkably crisp and sharp. Visuals teem with information and are well animated throughout. Another element I believed was super was the noise. To start with the music is excellent and outstandingly crafted. Furthermore, the game is full of orderly little sound results that complement gameplay.

The game itself is easy to play, yet hard to exercise in the later levels where some actual ingenuity is required to make it to the leading. The learning curve nonetheless is great and with a little lateral idea, you can make great development. A certain lot of levels are available in the game for complimentary, yet then you could upgrade, eliminate the periodic advertisements and get bunches a lot more levels to proceed the journey.

The game mixes platform-style gameplay with puzzle. It kind of works although I felt it functioned better as a platformer than a puzzle game. Leaping from box to box, gathering products and switching crates is generally the main tasks and while it is fun and rewarding to complete each degree, it did really feel a tiny bit repeated. You do have to connect with a number of different box types but this probably doesn’t combine points up rather as much as you might find even more engaging. Maybe I am simply being a little fussy, allow me understand in the remarks!

That apart, it easily is a neat plot that has actually been thoroughly created and cleverly made. Check out the trailer video here for more information.


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