Android App 3 Kingdoms TD Review

Android App 3 Kingdoms TD Review

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3 Kingdoms TD: Defenders’ Creed is a tower defense game quite similar to games like the hugely popular Plants Vs Zombies. Places your forces strategically to combat the oncoming baddies over increasingly trickier levels. Give your troops boosts and use power-ups to defeat the tougher enemies in this linear tower defense game that’s fun as it is addictive.

The game is based on battles from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history and gameplay is heavily themed (we’ve seen this in the developer’s Arrow Defense game recently reviewed), despite being similar to Plants Vs Zombies- which is perhaps the best-known game of this genre. We’ve reviewed other games like this in the past- most notably perhaps was Carnival of Horrors. Essentially then, you place units in the way of oncoming baddies and aim to take them down before they reach you. You defend a tower which lies behind you and the game is over if the enemy breaks through.

As you progress through the levels you accumulate the skills of more and more units. These include: archer, infantry, heavy armor, brave knight, magical wizard, catapult and drummer. Combined, these defend the tower and generate income to buy new units with. Overseeing the action is a Hero (of which there are several to choose from as you progress in-game) and these have both instant and passive skills which can be executed in-game to often dazzling effect.

Playing 3 Kingdoms TD: Defenders’ Creed is fun and utilizing the skills available to you is very cool. I liked the graphics and gameplay reminded me heavily of Plants Vs Zombies, although arguably there is more background items and skills in this game. The game is a freemium title so expect the opportunities to make in-app purchases. These provide you with coins with which you can upgrade your troops and make your skills more powerful. I did find at around the level 5 mark the door closes on free play and you seriously need to think about upgrades to progress. That said, maybe I’m just a bad player… who knows? The value of the purchases vary from $0.99 up to $19.99 but you can also earn gold by downloading other apps via the SponsorPay service.


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