Android App Neon Shadow Preview

Android App Neon Shadow Preview

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Tasty Poison and Crescent Moon Games have decided to release Neon Shadow on to Android first. As such, it seemed appropriate to make it our Video of the Day.

This is a fast-paced, cyberpunk-inspired, first-person shooter with gameplay that harkens back to the days of Doom and to modern takes like Serious Sam. There are bunches of enemies, only rudimentary puzzles, and survival is key. Even the damage-riddled face of the protagonist being part of the HUD is an obvious tribute to Doom.

Players start off with a shotgun and eventually pick up a rapid-fire laser rifle, all the better to shoot the various robots and turrets that want to hunt the deadliest game of them all. Ammo is plentiful early on, and the shotgun has unlimited ammo, so shooting anything that moves is a good idea. There’s some secrets to obtain, but good luck finding them!


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