PSA: WhatsApp Adds Link Copying, Shared Link History Tab, And Granular Control...

PSA: WhatsApp Adds Link Copying, Shared Link History Tab, And Granular Control Over Chat Clearing

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Between the multiple beta and release versions, WhatsApp goes through so many iterations that we sometimes miss a few features here and there. We often get tips about additions or changes to the app, but in certain instances we can’t exactly pinpoint when they were implemented. That is unless we went back and reinstalled every version of the app to find the one that triggered it, which we’ll all agree is an unnecessary waste of time.
This post is about these features, these small additions that slipped between the cracks sometime in the past couple of months and that you may or may not have noticed already.
New shared ‘Links’ history┬átab
Every conversation in WhatsApp has a Media screen that aggregates all the sent and received images and videos. It’s where you can easily browse through all the memes and puppy videos that you’ve shared with your friend group, or find that important document your boss sent you. Recently, that screen got another tab just for links. The change appeared somewhere between versions 2.12.453 (official Play Store version) and 2.12.486 (latest beta).

The tab is a reverse chronological list of all the shared links in a one-on-one or group chat, and each link has a rich preview top part and a lower part with the message it was actually sent in. Tapping the preview immediately opens the link in your browser, whereas tapping the bottom takes you to the message so you can star, share, delete, or view the context in which it was shared. It’s a very useful way to quickly glance through the interesting links you’ve sent or received and find that one article you want to check again or share with someone else.
Easy link copying
One of the most annoying things in past versions of WhatsApp was that you couldn’t copy a

Article originally published at: Android Police