Android N Developer Preview reveals notification shade changes galore

Android N Developer Preview reveals notification shade changes galore

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Google is doing even more with the notification shade in the latest version of Android.
It’s very (very) early days for Android N, but as we’re playing around with the first release of the Developer Preview we’re instantly seeing big changes on the horizon. The first and most noticeable is the new notification shade design, which makes big changes to both individual notifications and the quick toggles that we’ve all been so fond of in Marshmallow.
Knowing that what we see here is very likely to change throughout the process of the Developer Preview being updated, and that what we see here is currently only applicable to Nexus devices, let’s dive in and see how notifications are changing with the next version of Android.

First up are the notifications themselves. The base system is quite similar to that of Marshmallow, but a big handful of visual changes add up to quite a different experience. Visually, the notifications now take up the full width of the screen, and are also separated by a thinner line instead of a wide gap — the perceived depth of the cards is dramatically diminished with these two changes.
App icons accompanying notifications are now much smaller, but are visually separated with pops of color for the app icon and name to stand out from the white, grey and black of the rest of the notification.

Though notification bundling was already integrated into previous Android versions, what we have now turns the knob up to 11: notifications can be bundled up tightly with lots of information, and when expanded can be expanded a second time to see individual pieces of data and act on them. As this is a first release of the Developer Preview we only have Google’s own apps to go off of here, but Gmail is a great

Article originally published at: Android Central