Everyday carry: What's in Jerry's pockets in 2016?

Everyday carry: What's in Jerry's pockets in 2016?

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A trip to the grocery store isn’t the same as a jaunt across the country, but you still might wanna carry some stuff.
We’ve talked about gear for the road warrior, and what we carry when we’re away from home for a day or two. As you can imagine, it’s a lot of stuff — all the things we need to do our jobs plus a few things to make it easier. All carefully crammed into something that fits in an overhead compartment. We’re not away from home all of the time. Most days we’re just out doing everyday stuff, like going to the supermarket or getting the oil changed.
So what does a smartphone nerd carry in his pocket? When that nerd is me, all this junk:
The phone: Nexus 6P

Sometimes I switch it up. If I know I’m out for the whole day, I might bring the BlackBerry Priv, because (for me) it’s so much easier to type lots of words about work with that slide out keyboard. But most times I leave the house it’s with a Nexus 6P.
It’s the phone I’m most comfortable using, now that I’ve just accepted the size. Voices in my head still say they wish it were smaller, I just block those out. My 6P is quick, does everything I need a smartphone to do, and I’ve realized that the places I go work really well with Project Fi. Most of the time while I’m away on doing leisurely things, my phone is in my pocket, but for a quick picture or some directions or any other reason to whip it out, the 6P has always done me well.
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Headphones: Samsung Level In earbuds

I don’t much care for earbuds, but they’re handy when I need them. The ones I tolerate best are the Samsung

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