Find your style with Fit Cat, Timr and more great Android Wear...

Find your style with Fit Cat, Timr and more great Android Wear watch faces

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There are new Android Wear watch faces being added, or updated in the Google Play Store on a daily basis. Trying to keep up with all of the new additions is, at best, a daunting task. So we’ve grabbed up 5 awesome watch faces for you to check out. Whether you’ve been looking for something relatively simple, or you want to be able to see how many steps you’ve taken each day, there is a face here for you.
Let’s see what watch faces are in this week’s roundup.

1. World Timer

It’s a breeze to talk to your friends all over the world with just the tap on your screen. The bigger problem becomes trying to figure out what time it is in a different country. Nobody wants to be the jerk sending a text message at 3:00 AM. That’s World Timer Watch Face has you covered with access to 24 different time zones at a glance. Best of all, it’s available for free on the Google Play Store.
You have access to a decent number of settings, but you’ll need to pull your smartphone out of your pocket when you do. It’s here that you can select your reference city for time zone, choose which cities and timezones are displayed, adjust color options, and choose what is displayed on your watch face. The World Timer Watch Face is analog, but in a 24 hour format that can be a bit confusing when you first take a look at it. Once you get used to how everything is setup the ability to see what time it is across the world can come in quite handy.
World Timer Watchface ($0.99)

2. Fit Cat

Plenty of watch faces will allow you to sync to Google Fit so that you can easily see how active you have been, by

Article originally published at: Android Central