From the Editor's Desk: The silliest argument in all of Android (this...

From the Editor's Desk: The silliest argument in all of Android (this week)

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Not having an app drawer isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, nor is it something any self-respecting smartphone nerd should ever worry about.
Spend, oh, more than 30 seconds on the Internet and you’ll quickly learn that folks love to argue. We’ll argue about anything and everything. We’ll argue over whether we actually do love to argue, who argues the best, and whether the only way to win an argument online is to not argue in the first place. (“A strange game …”)
Smartphone nerds in particular have their fair share of back-and-forths. I’m as guilty of it as anyone. (Though I have the luxury of being in charge and therefore have an unfair advantage, especially since I can post gifs in the comments.)
But there’s one bone of contention lately that’s had me shaking my head even more than usual.
I’ve used a lot of phones in my time with Android Central. A lot of phones. And it’s good to get out of one’s comfort zone from time to time. In the early days it’d be Korea-specific phones from LG. More recently it’s been China-specific phones from Huawei. I need to get into Xiaomi. And one thing Huawei and Xiaomi have had in common is that they’ve eschewed the traditional Android launcher for something more akin to the iPhone’s Springboard.
That is, no app drawer.

North America is getting its first real taste of phones without app drawers.

And now with the LG G5 (as well as the Nextbit Robin, which I’m finally taking a good look at), we’ve got some North America-friendly phones that are going the same route. No app drawer.
The nerds are not pleased.
Zachary Boddy in our G5 forums wrote “I believe it should be an option. I love the App Drawer but I understand why some people would want it to be

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