Google App v5.11 Tidies Up The App Drawer A Little Bit

Google App v5.11 Tidies Up The App Drawer A Little Bit [APK Download]

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A late-night update to the Google app turned up last night, bringing the current version up to v5.11. The changes look pretty minimal in this one, but it’s always tough to be sure. However, there is one very distinct modification that can’t be overlooked. After updating, just pop open the app drawer and take a good look at the search bar. The text field is no longer sitting alone on its own end of the playground, it has merged with the rest of the app drawer to turn the whole window into one cohesive unit. #BeTogetherNotTheSame

Left: previous version. Right: latest version.
Technically, there is one small behavioral change to the app drawer, as well. If you are running an earlier version, try typing something into the search field to narrow the list of apps, then hit the back/down button to clear the keyboard. The search filter will also be cleared and you’ll return instantly to the full app list. On the new version, the keyboard will hide itself after hitting the down button, leaving the just the list of filtered apps.

That’s what we’ve seen so far, but there could always be more. Keep an eye open for any other little tweaks and let us know in the comments.

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Version: 5.11.27

Article originally published at: Android Police