How to speed up the Galaxy S6 Edge for faster performance

How to speed up the Galaxy S6 Edge for faster performance

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The S6 Edge is very powerful, but there’s always room for improvement. / © AndroidPIT
Swap your launcher
One of the simplest ways to speed up your Galaxy S6 Edge is to swap your app launcher, because while many launchers look simple and serene they can be churning away in the background, using precious system resources. We reckon Nova Launcher, Solo Launcher and Dodol Launcher are all safe bets.
Speed up animations
Your Samsung’s interface is animated, and while those animations look cool they also slow things down. That’s easy to change. If you haven’t already enabled Developer Options in your device, go to Settings and tap on Build Number seven to ten times. Developer Options should now appear. Tap on that and look for Window Animation Scale; adjust the speeds here to 0.5x and then go back to the home screen. Windows and menu items should now feel nippier than before.
Clearing the cache can improve performance of any Android device. / © ANDROIDPIT
Clear the cache

The cache is where your Samsung stores frequently used data. That speeds up performance, but if the cache gets messy then it can actually do the opposite of what it’s supposed to. The way to solve that is to clear the cache and make it squeaky-clean; after you’ve done so it’ll take a little time to rebuild so apps may feel a little slow the first time you launch them, but once they’re up and running they’ll be using the cache to speed themselves up.
If you want to clear the app cache on the Galaxy S6 – whether for one app in particular or for all apps, you do

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