Mobile Nations Weekly: Filings, Releases, and Updates

Mobile Nations Weekly: Filings, Releases, and Updates

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Pre-orders, shipment orders, and legal orders.
HTC’s long-awaited Vive VR headset is now available for pre-order and the Samsung Galaxy S7 is now shipping to pre-order customers. Amazon expanded their Alexa virtual assistant to the portable Amazon Tap Bluetooth speaker and the compact Echo Dot (which you can amusingly only order through an Echo voice command). And BlackBerry’s Android-powered Priv finally launched on Verizon.
Apple’s ongoing legal back-and-forth with the FBI got a little more interesting, pitting Silicon Valley against the FBI’s demand for backdoor access. Thirty companies have filed briefs in support of Apple’s position, including big-deal companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.
Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset also went on sale, with the first shipments due to start at the end of March. And our #Windows10DoesMore Gem apps campaign continued with Ring, BB-8, and Two Dots.
All this and much much more, this week on Mobile Nations!

2. CrackBerry — Big Red

This week was all about app updates and the further expansion of the Priv rollout, which included the long-awaited launch on Verizon. Plus, BlackBerry announced a new way for business owners and IT Admins to purchase BlackBerry smartphones in volume.

3. iMore — Amicus-palooza

The ongoing FBI vs. Apple dispute over unlocking an iPhone and, oh, the future of privacy and security, stayed in the headlines this week, with tech company after tech company coming out in support of Apple, and the political debate — informed and otherwise — kept swirling.

4. Windows Central — HoloBucks

Microsoft had another busy week of announcements with HoloLens officially going on sale for developers. The $3,000 price tag will keep many consumers away, and you need to be pre-approved as a developer to buy it, but the holographic computer is scheduled to ship on March 30 giving some devs an early chance to make some apps and games.
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