Photos v1.16 Adds Fast Forward And Rewind Buttons To Its Video Player...

Photos v1.16 Adds Fast Forward And Rewind Buttons To Its Video Player [APK Download]

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Today has been pretty slow for updates, so far, but sometimes that’s just how Google rolls. There is at least one notable feature from this morning’s release of Photos v1.16, and it brings a neat little improvement to the built-in video player: fast forward and rewind buttons. There are also a couple of odd UI tweaks related to album sharing. A new bug also snuck into this version, so be wary. As always, we’ve got a link to the download at the bottom. Oh, and stay tuned for a teardown with even more stuff from this version.
What’s New
Fast Forward and Rewind

The app may be called Photos, but it handles videos, as well. The player isn’t exactly feature-rich, but it’s not meant to be use for much more than basic viewing and file management. The latest update adds fast forward and rewind buttons to this video player, just tap on the screen while a video is playing to make them appear.
Each button press goes either 10 seconds forward or back. That’s probably not very helpful on a short video since the scrubber bar is just as effective and easier to control; but on longer videos, it might not be very precise, so the buttons will make it a bit easier to dial in on the exact target.
Little tweaks to albums and album sharing

Left: previous version. Center: latest version. Right: album editor screen.
There are a couple of trivial changes to the album screen and album sharing options. Starting with the album screen: the Add Photos button has been removed. If you’re looking to change the selection of photos, simply tap the edit button (looks like a pen) and hit the little button at the top right to add or remove photos. This isn’t exactly a relocation of the button, because the

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