Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Nexus 6P 32 GB

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P: design and build quality
Here’s what we said about the Nexus 6P: The Nexus 6P is designed like no other smartphone. Its finely-machined edges and minimal finish give it an understated character. The black glass panel on the back, sitting over the camera lens, looks strange at first. But once you forget what phones should look like and begin to appreciate what Huawei has done here, it all makes sense… the Nexus 6P looks like the future of smartphones.
Good, eh? But the Galaxy looks gorgeous too. It’s sleeker and more curved than before, the camera bulge has been almost completely removed and the combination of aluminum and Gorilla Glass 4 looks and feels fantastic. And of course, there’s that screen with its curved edges.
Do we have a winner? Let’s call this one a tie, because both phones are beautifully designed and built but in very different ways. We think they’re both great.
Forget the plasticky Nexuses of the past. The 6P is gorgeous./ © AndroidPIT
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P: display
The Nexus 6P screen is bright and crisp with QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels and 518 ppi). The 5.7-inch AMOLED display is nicely saturated, highly detailed and provides great brightness and contrast. Like the Galaxy it’s covered with Gorilla Glass 4, and its color representation is among the best we’ve ever seen on an AMOLED.
The Galaxy S7 Edge’s display is slightly smaller at 5.5 inches but boasts the same resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. It’s

Article originally published at: Droid Life