Some Galaxy S7 edges Have Palm/Finger Rejection Issues On Edge Of Display,...

Some Galaxy S7 edges Have Palm/Finger Rejection Issues On Edge Of Display, Fix Seemingly Underway Outside US

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The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are great phones, and I like both of them – honestly. Unfortunately, since I received my Verizon S7 edge review unit last week, I’ve had an annoying and persistent problem with the touchscreen. Namely, it’s far too sensitive around the edges of the display.
The problem manifests quite noticeably. If you have an S7 edge, open the camera app and hold the phone with both hands in landscape mode, with your fingers grasping the corners of the display.. Can you reliably get the shutter to detect your input every single time you press it? I definitely can’t, at least not most times. But my colleague Ryan Whitwam has no issue, and Mark Burstiner, using a Canadian S7 edge that received a patch specifically for the edge display, also can’t reproduce it. But some of you are telling me that your phones are similarly afflicted, and I’ve got reports from both US and European users vouching for the existence of the issue.
What seems to be happening is that the S7 edge’s display is not properly rejecting the grip of your palm or fingers at the edge of the display panel, which your fingers and palm are bound to touch simply because of the nature of the curved display. there’s no fat mid-section to grab on this phone – it’s incredibly narrow. The problem also affects me when I’m using the keyboard pretty regularly (especially in bed, when I’m holding the phone more awkwardly), with the backspace button sometimes not detecting my inputs. It can be incredibly frustrating.

@RDR0b11 Don’t worry, I noticed the exact same issue on my T-Mobile variant and it’s driving me crazy.
— Jonathan Longoria (@jonathan3579) March 15, 2016

The problem can be reduced, obviously, by adjusting your grip of the phone. But this is unnatural

Article originally published at: Android Police