These are the top Samsung phones you need to know

These are the top Samsung phones you need to know

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In the world of smartphones, it’s impossible to ignore the influence of Samsung. Since its explosion into Android with the launch of the Galaxy S2 globally, Samsung has firmly held on to the top spot in Android devices sold — and though the playing field has leveled off some in recent years the Korean manufacturer still has one of the most recognizable lines of phones out there today.
The “Galaxy” name gets spread around to its entire lineup of Android phones, but when it really comes down to it there are just a handful of Samsung’s high-end devices that you need to know about. Let us introduce you to the top phones from Samsung.
Article updated March 2016

1. Samsung Galaxy S7

Released March 2016 If you weren’t yet convinced that Samsung makes some of the best phones money can buy, the Galaxy S7 should help that. Part of a one-two punch from Samsung for early 2016, the Galaxy S7 shares a lot with its larger, edgier sibling, but in a smaller form factor.
It’s an iterative design for the new model, with much that was so good about the Galaxy S6 making a comeback. It’s a harmony of glass and metal, with this year’s phone getting a slight curve on its rear panel to make it just a little less slab-like.
Samsung also heard its customers. The microSD card slot is back for 2016 and the Galaxy S7 is a little thicker than last year’s phone to accommodate a larger battery. There’s also a lot of business as usual for Samsung. Great screen, great camera, and while the software still may not suit all tastes, it’s better than it’s ever been.
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2. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Released March 2016 The second part of

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