Todoist 9 For Android Improves Intelligent Input, Adds Task Sorting, Keyboard Support,...

Todoist 9 For Android Improves Intelligent Input, Adds Task Sorting, Keyboard Support, And Todoist Zero Screens

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There are many reasons why I love Todoist, not the least of which is how much I rely on it each day to manage the entirety of my pharmacy’s pending orders and inventory system. I also love it because the team has some great Android developers and designers who did a fantastic job of implementing Material Design back in June of last year and then revamping the brand’s identity to a more modern look in September.
Now Todoist is back with another major leap in version 9 of its Android app, which it’s labeling as “closing the loop on the Material Design cycle.” What this means is that the app is improving on all the aspects of the MD redesign and adding many of the features that were still missing in it.

The most important change in my eyes is the enhanced Intelligent Input in the Quick Add task bar. Previously, its smarts were limited to recognizing dates, priorities (p1, p2, p3, p4), and labels (@label). Now, it also recognizes projects (#project) and task assignees (+person), and crucially, it also pops up an autocompletion window with suggestions. That last part is invaluable if you have long labels like my weird pharmacy supplier-specific labels such as “@Droguerie_07722280ext129am-125pm/5324_09643800/6237.” I couldn’t possibly type that from memory when using Quick Add, so I had to always move to the full task add screen to apply these labels. Now I can start typing “@Dro” and Todoist immediately suggests that label and lets me assign it from the Quick Add bar, just like it does on the web. I am ecstatic.

Other improvements included in version 9 are task sorting (name, date, priority, assignee) like on the web, new #TodoistZero screens that are shareable with others, full Bluetooth keyboard support for devices like the Pixel C, emoji support (project,

Article originally published at: Android Police