TYLT Energi Desktop Charging Station Lightning Review: A Smart Solution To A...

TYLT Energi Desktop Charging Station Lightning Review: A Smart Solution To A Common Problem

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I have a lot of devices. Currently on my desk, you’ll find the following: Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, Pixel C, Blu Vivo 5, Huawei Honor 5X, and a Blu Life One X…and that goes without mentioning everything that’s on the bookcase beside my desk. I never know which one I’ll need on any given day, so it’s imperative that they’re all juiced up all the time.
Now, I realize that my situation is uncommon for one person, but I don’t think it’s uncommon for a family to have multiple devices — aside from my slew of devices, my wife has a phone and tablet, my oldest son has a phone and tablet, and my youngest son has like four tablets. And they all have to be charged up.
For that, you have a couple of choices: use roughly every outlet in the house for charge stuff, or — probably the better option — get a charging station. I’ve reviewed a couple of different charging stations in the past, but I was especially interested in TYLT’s Energi Charging Station ($80) because of the compact design and removable 3,200 mAh battery pack — such a great idea. The company started the project on Indiegogo, where it did very well, and now it’s out for the masses.

So here’s the quick and dirty: it’s a five-port charging dock, with each port supplying 5 volts at 2.4 amps. That’s pretty common for modern devices, so it charges at a reasonable speed. Keep in mind that it’s not a Qualcomm Quick Charge-compatible dock, so don’t expect stupid-fast speeds here. It’s just a “regular” charger, but it does a good job of being one.
Aesthetically, it’s actually a more unique dock than I’m used to seeing. It doesn’t have “slots” or “trays” for devices

Article originally published at: Android Police