WhatsApp Starts Emphasizing End-To-End Encryption, Collapses Long Messages, And Tests Some Minor...

WhatsApp Starts Emphasizing End-To-End Encryption, Collapses Long Messages, And Tests Some Minor Interface Changes

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You know WhatsApp’s Android developers have finished hibernating when they start throwing one build after the other like a going out of business sale. In the past couple of weeks, they unleashed the new emojis on everyone then proceeded to launch an official Play Store beta program and update the latter with miscellaneous things before starting to test the new documents sharing option. In the latest incarnations of the app between 2.12.493 and 2.12.500, a few other interface changes snuck in, one of which points to an important shift in WhatsApp’s way of doing things.
Emphasis on end-to-end encryption
First, if you’re on version 2.12.498, you might notice a new message inside chat windows confirming that this chat is now end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp has used TextSecure (from Open Whisper Systems) to encrypt messages on Android since 2014 and it seems that encryption has now been deployed to all platforms because the FAQ doesn’t make any special notice of different operating systems. However, few people know that this is the case so WhatsApp is actually working on being more transparent about the implementation of end-to-end encryption in the app.
But back to this small message, we were able to spot it in group chats and in chats with ourselves. We know the latter sounds crazy, but some people actually use that as a make-do notepad or to send stuff from WhatsApp Web to their phones and vice versa. We’re not sure if the message will pop up in individual chats, but for now, it’s a sign that WhatsApp will start notifying users that their chats are end-to-end encrypted and explain how they can verify that.

The message and the pop-up that you see at the top of the post appear to be gone in version 2.12.500 of WhatsApp so they’re likely a work in progress

Article originally published at: Android Police