A generation without colorful phones

A generation without colorful phones

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We get it, these colors are working for Apple. Stop it anyway.
We’ve reached the middle of April, which means all of the big names in the smartphone world that aren’t based in Cupertino have unveiled their big offerings for the year. They all seem really impressive, too. Samsung’s refined design language almost comes off as a piece of jewelry, LG has jumped on the all metal train, and it looks like HTC is actually going to show up and be interesting this year with the 10. Across the pond we saw Huawei drop some dual-camera love in an impressive new body, giving folks in the U.S. some serious fear of missing out.
There’s another thing all of these phones have in common, and it sucks. All of these phones come in nothing more than some variant of black, silver, and gold.

Rewind a bit to last year. LG’s G4 launched with half a dozen amazingly colorful backplates. Samsung released colors for the S6 that were so incredible people paid almost double the worth of the phone to import them to the US. Nextbit stunned the 100,000 people who were paying attention by releasing phones that had no boring option. Motorola released three phones with more color combinations available than people still willing to buy their phones anymore after getting burned on software updates. For the most part, it was a good year for colorful phones.
This year? Forget about it. Samsung’s colorful flair is gone. LG’s primer supplier only had four colors this year, and no one is going to carry the pink one. HTC is going to sell a crimson variant exclusively to a single carrier in Japan. There’s no guarantee that Lenovo is going to continue Moto Maker in this new generation, because there are no guarantees with Motorola anymore.


Article originally published at: Android Central