A Quick Hands-On With And First Impressions Of The HTC 10

A Quick Hands-On With And First Impressions Of The HTC 10

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Let us waste no time: the HTC 10 is here, and we’re able to tell you a little bit about it today (a very, very little, frankly). While the phone doesn’t ship to consumers (in the US, at least) until early May, we’ve got a production unlocked version of the US handset right now, and I’ve got some thoughts on it. Unfortunately, I am only able to tell you about certain aspects of the phone in strongly suggested single sentences (i.e., camera, speed, display, audio performance, software). Which is weird. But hey, I’ll try!

The design of phone is fair game, though, so let’s dig in on this point. Compared to the M9, the 10 is the biggest step forward in industrial design for HTC since the original M, the M7. If I’m honest, this is what the M9, or even the M8, should have looked and felt like. I know, I know – those chamfers. But they give the phone a natural curve that makes it easier to hold, and the chamfer edges are extremely smooth. As nice as an S7 edge? I’d say not. But leagues better than the M9 in hand, even if it is wider and insignificantly heavier. The antenna bands are whatever, but this phone comes together for me a heck of a lot better than the M9 did, and feels wholly less iPhone-derivative than the A9, which was gag-levels of Apple from the back.

That said, the 10 is not just an iteration of the A9 design language. While the two do bear a resemblance from the front, the lack of the HTC logo and addition of hardware capacitive keys, along with the relatively smaller top and bottom bezels, give the 10 a substantially different character. You can fixate on the home key, sure, but how

Article originally published at: Android Police