The Wait For Posted Speed Limits In Google Maps Is Over...

[App Review] The Wait For Posted Speed Limits In Google Maps Is Over Thanks To New App Velociraptor

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I love Google Maps. It’s one of the most useful applications on my phone, and I would be lost without it. Not metaphorically, but literally – I’m really quite awful with directions. A lot of great features have been added over the years, including some sweet new ones just a few days ago, But there’s one feature we all still hunger for, and that feature is posted speed limits. Thanks to a new app called Velociraptor by developer PlusCubed, that’s a feature we can now enjoy – albeit with a couple of minor hiccups.
Velociraptor works by overlaying a floating icon over top of the Google Maps app. The icon displays the speed limit for the road you’re driving on and, optionally, it can also display your vehicle’s current velocity. After the initial setup, it launches automatically when you open Google Maps. It’s super nifty, check it out.

Setup and Use
The app setup is quick simple. The first thing you will need to do after you download it is grant a few permissions needed to make the app function. You’ll be walked through the steps and it’s impossible to get lost within the application because it consists of only one page. This page.

On the app settings page there are a few different options that can be changed to your liking. You can toggle the speedometer on or off, change units and sign style from kph and international to mph and ‘Merican’, and set speed limit warnings (which changes text from black to red when you are speeding) from 0% to 20% over speed limit. Once you’ve set up the app the way you like, just open Google Maps to see it in action – Velociraptor will launch automatically and you’ll see the speed limit sign overlayed on top of the map.

Article originally published at: Android Police