April Fools Roundup: All The Jokes From Around The Web

April Fools Roundup: All The Jokes From Around The Web

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The internet has really gotten serious about April Fools—it’s hard to even remember what this day was like before some of the world’s largest companies started playing tricks on you via your browser. April Fools is sometimes amusing, but also frequently annoying because you can’t trust anything you see, and those joke pages will live on long after the day is done like joke landmines for you to come across when you’re least expecting it. Such is life on the internet. To help you keep track of the gags this year, we’re going to keep a running list of everything right here.

Sony has finally cracked the ghost-catching technology we’ve all been waiting for with the Proton Pack (TM).

It uses Sony Stamina Mode (like the smartphones) for improved battery life. Can’t have the pack go dead in the middle of catching a ghost, right? And it only weighs 6.66kg! It’s water and slime resistant too!

Google Japan
Google Japan has invented a physical flick input device. The Japanese Android keyboard uses flicks to input characters, but it lacks the all-important physical aspect.

The physical flick device consists of a grid of buttons that can be “flicked” or pressed. I know this is a joke, but it looks pretty rad.

Lyft is doing things a little differently this year. From 11AM to 5PM on April 1st you can prank your friends in real life with Lyft’s help. You have to request a prank mode ride and then play it cool. The details are not fully available yet, but there’s a video of a Lyft prank below. It’s pretty specific to the parties involved.

When everyone in an email thread except you is wrong, there’s Gmail Mic Drop. Just click that button, and you won’t hear anything about that thread again. It doesn’t mean you won, but it’ll

Article originally published at: Android Police