Catch all of the Android April Fools' Day jokes right here

Catch all of the Android April Fools' Day jokes right here

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From hilarious to cringe-worthy, we have ’em all here.
Despite the general public displeasure with all things on the Internet come April 1, the big companies in the tech space just can’t help themselves. Year after year we get tons of April Fools’ Day jokes, gags and pranks. Most are flops and some are worth a chuckle, and no matter how well they go over we’re rounding them all up right here.
Google Photos emoji search

You can search for pictures in Google Photos by typing out a name, place or object … but why not emoji? Well, even though this is a bit of a joke, it actually works in Google Photos. Drop a dog, pumpkin or whatever other emoji you want to search, and you’ll get proper photo results in return.
‘Drop the mic’ in Gmail

Some email threads go on too long, and really need a “drop the mic” moment where you can shut everyone else up. Now with the latest development by Google, you have a specific “Drop the mic” button that’ll put in a well-timed animated gif to put a stop to all of that, and swiftly archive the conversation. Just like the emoji search in Google Photos, this one is actually available to use in Gmail on the web.
Inbox by Google gets emoji Smart Replies

Again with the emoji, this time in Inbox’s genuinely useful “Smart Reply” feature that intelligently selects phrases for you to reply to emails with. Why not let Inbox choose a few poop emoji for you to respond to that terrible email with?
Google Cardboard Plastic

Sure, virtual reality is cool and all, but Google is already gearing up to tackle the next big breakthrough with Google Cardboard Plastic. By being the first headset for Actual Reality, Google Cardboard Plastic offers the most immersive experience yet.

Article originally published at: Android Central