A Look At Anker's Newly Released Power Bank – The Powerhouse...

[Review + Deal Alert] A Look At Anker's Newly Released Power Bank – The Powerhouse – Its Highest Capacity Battery Ever With A Whopping 120,600mAh Of Juice

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Anker has been a leader in manufacturing mobile charging accessories for quite some time. Wall chargers, car chargers, portable batteries – you name ’em Anker makes them, and I’m willing to bet a lot of you own one or more of their devices. Today Anker is releasing a new gadget, and it’s bigger and more powerful than anything they have ever made before. It’s called the Anker Powerhouse and I’ve been testing one for the past week.
What It Is
The Powerhouse is a lithium-ion power bank with enormous capacity. What kind of capacity are we talking? Well, there are 36 individual batteries in the Powerhouse and each one is rated at 3,350mAh. That adds up to a total capacity of 120,600mAh, or 434Wh. Holy guacamole, that’s a lot of energy. In fact, it’s enough juice to fully charge your phone up to 40 times, juice up a laptop up to 15 times, power a 15V lamp for over 100 hours, or even run a mini-fridge for 7+ hours.
The batteries are housed in a very handsome aluminum casing with a sturdy aluminum handle. The whole kit is slightly smaller than a car battery and weighs in at 9.7lbs. On its face, the Powerhouse sports four 2.4A USB ports, one 12V car charger socket, a 110v standard AC plug, and a 16.8v power input connection. It can be recharged in 10 hours using the included charger, or in 16 hours with a compatible solar charger (which has yet to be released). The LCD panel on the front indicates which ports are turned on and gives an estimate of charge time remaining based on the current output.
I know what you are asking yourselves about now – why would you ever need a portable battery with that kind of capacity? Anker doesn’t see the Powerhouse as a massive phone charger, they

Article originally published at: Android Police