For The First Time Ever, Android Supports More Emoji Than iOS...

[Shrug, Facepalm] For The First Time Ever, Android Supports More Emoji Than iOS Does

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For a long, long time, emoji support on Android has been playing catch-up with iOS — sometimes lagging behind by as much as several years. In many cases, characters sent from another device (such as an iPhone) wouldn’t display at all on Android, leaving a lot of information lost in translation. Even the few characters that did render were often depicted differently: if you’ve been on Android since the days of Jelly Bean, you probably remember those peculiar little monochrome Bugdroids that Google used in lieu of smiley faces.
A lot has changed since then: emoji on Android have gained some color, they more closely match the samples from the Unicode Standard, and they’ve grown to include several hundred different characters. Just a few months ago, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s Senior Vice President in charge of Android, said they would begin doubling down on emoji support, and followed up on that promise in December by including the new glyphs from Unicode 8.0 in Android 6.0.1.
Not being content with only 879 emoji, the Unicode Technical Committee (yes, these are the guys whose job it is to decide which emoji make it into the official list) has proposed 74 new characters for Unicode 9.0, including one for bacon and another for selfies. These emoji are so new that they’re technically still just candidates: officially they won’t be released until June. That about lines up with the expected launch schedule for the final version of Android N, which is why Google has chosen to ship the glyphs with the latest developer preview released this week.
We’ve already seen how many of the current emoji have changed in Android N, particularly in how many of the blobs are now much more human-like. However, since the Google keyboard app (or any other keyboard app, for that matter) hasn’t

Article originally published at: Android Police