The best Android phones of 2016

The best Android phones of 2016

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If you’re looking for a new Android phone and you’re shooting for the top, this is the place to start.
One of the strengths of the Android ecosystem is the diversity of smartphones to choose from. If you can’t find a suitable Android phone to meet your needs and desires, then such a phone may not exist at all.
But while there’s a lot of stuff to choose from, it can also be tough to find out what’s the best one for you. And that’s where we come in.
If you’re looking for the very best Android phones available right now, then look no further.
New for April 2016: The top dog remains the same but this month sees the debut of the LG G5.
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung, much refined

Fantastic design
Excellent camera
Gorgeous looking display

Samsung software still an acquired taste
A little bit slippery to hold

Launched to the world at Mobile World Congress, the two new Galaxy S phones are mostly the same save from some obvious features. The Edge is larger, has the curved display and has a larger battery inside. But that apart, mostly the same. Which means you’ll get a great experience from either of them.
And make no mistake. While the Galaxy S7 hasn’t shipped at the time of writing, it’s already the phone to beat for 2016. Samsung has refined from the Galaxy S6 while actually listening to its customers. There’s a bigger battery, resulting in a slightly thicker phone to accommodate it. Which is absolutely fine. The camera has been improved, the microSD card slot is back, all the while being wrapped in a similar, highly attractive package to last year’s phones.
There are still questions we have over the Galaxy S7, ones which may ultimately result in it dropping further down this list. One of the biggest is the

Article originally published at: Android Central