The best Android tablets

The best Android tablets

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These are the best Android tablets you can buy right now. We’ve got them side-by-side for a quick and easy comparison.
You’re on the hunt for the best Android tablet out there, and we’re going to help you out. Whether you’re looking for something slim and compact, or a big-screen beauty bordering on laptop replacement, we’re rounding up the best of the best.
The diversity of the Android ecosystem means there is likely something to suit everyone. Large tablets, small tablets, those that don’t cost so much, those that are the bleeding edge. Whatever it is you’re looking for this little list is what we consider to be the cream of the crop.
Update: For April 2016 there’s a new order to the list which sees a new incumbent sitting atop the tree.

1. NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1

Powerful internals
Near stock software
Great for gamers

No charger included
Gaming experience requires extra spend to get the best out of it

The Shield Tablet is a gaming powerhouse featuring NVIDIA’s cutting edge 2.2 GHz Tegra K1 processor. Forward-facing stereo speakers offer quality sound, and the now optional stylus opens up helpful functionality for day-to-day usage. But the Shield Tablet’s software is what really sets it apart. Built right into the notification tray, for example, is the ability to stream what’s on your screen to Twitch. Remote access software combined with the optional hardware gamepad allow you to play games that are running on your PC.
Alternatively, the Geforce Now cloud gaming service lets you do the same with games and computers hosted by NVIDIA. The Shield Tablet K1 recently received a mild refresh over the original, changing the exterior styling a little but more importantly reducing the price by $100. You no longer get a charger or the stylus included in the box, but the savings do give you enough extra

Article originally published at: Android Central