These are the best Android Wear smartwatches

These are the best Android Wear smartwatches

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When the software experience is nearly identical from one smartwatch to the next — such is the case with Android Wear — we turn to more subjective features in deciding which stands out above the rest. And has been the case for some time, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Android Wear offerings from any of the manufacturers. They all basically do the same thing, and they all basically do those things equally well.
But all things must be ranked. They must be weighed, measured and presented for your approval.
And here, now, are our picks for the best Android Wear smartwatches.
Note: This post is continuously updated as new watches are released and reviewed. The most recent update was made in April 2016.

1. The best: Huawei Watch

Huawei’s first try at Android Wear did a lot of things right. First, off, it’s round, which at this point is a near necessity for a watch to land at the top of our list. And the Huawei Watch (as the company is quick to remind you) is all-the-way-round, with no “flat tire” to break the perfect circle. The bezel is nicely sculpted, make it look a little thinner than it actually is. And while the lugs are still a little on the large side and the body perhaps just a tad thicker than we’d like in a traditional watch, it remains nicely designed. The 2-o’clock crown position is a nice touch as well.
And don’t look past Huawei’s leather. We’ve used many Android Wear watches with any number of types of leather bands, and Huawei’s is the first that hasn’t disappointed us. It looks as good as it feels, with proper stitching down both sides. And if you don’t like the leather, Huawei has a number of first-party bracelet options as well. And both the

Article originally published at: Android Central