These are the worst Android UIs

These are the worst Android UIs

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No thank you, Poweramp. / © ANDROIDPIT
Things have come a long way since the days of MS-DOS command-line interfaces. Now there are a plethora of beautiful graphical user interfaces that make interacting with technology fun, playful and fast. We can gain access to the information we need with just a few taps of our nimble fingers, navigate menus with intuitive ease and change settings to suit our preferences at the swipe of a toggle.But creating a UI that does these things requires the steady hands of skilled designers and developers. The effort of the amateur can all too easily create a confusing and infuriating mess. And nothing sends my anxiety spiraling out of control quicker than a UI rabbit hole. Let’s take a moment to name and shame the worst offenders.
Titanium Backup
Remaining unchanged for years is rarely a smart move – unless you’re The Eagles or a family recipe. But when you start life in a state of unholy ugliness and, for years, refuse to make any effort to improve your appearance, especially in a market as fast-moving as the Google Play Store, then you’re asking for a public shaming.

Why, oh why, has Titanium Backup not hired a UI designer?

Titanium Backup, rather than considering how users might approach an app and trying to mold its UI to suit, simply throws everything into a huge, confusing and hideous pile. It makes you spend hours figuring out how the developer wants you to use his chaotic creation. In essence, it provides the exact opposite of what a good UI should.
If you like spending hours inside confusing menus, you’ll love Titanium Backup. / © ANDROIDPIT
The only reason Titanium Backup hasn’t gone the way of other unapproachable apps is that there still, for some unfathomable reason,

Article originally published at: Droid Life