YouTube v11.13 Adds Video Title, Channel, And Total Views To The Player...

YouTube v11.13 Adds Video Title, Channel, And Total Views To The Player Overlay [APK Download]

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Google seems to be on a rampage of updates with small tweaks and adjustments to a number of apps. I like to think of it as polish. YouTube in particular has been flying through minor version bumps, the latest of which seems to include just a single visual adjustment to the player screen. Tap on the screen while a video is playing and the overlay now contains the current video’s title, the channel it’s from, and the total number of views it has acquired thus far. Take a look at the shot below.

Here’s a comparison shot from v11.12. It almost looks barren without the extra text. How did we live this way for so many years?

For fairly obvious reasons, the text only shows up in landscape orientation with the video in full screen–hardly anything would fit in portrait mode. If nothing else, this is a useful addition when videos switch in a playlist or if you want to take a second look at the title without rotating the screen. On the other hand, it might have just been added to give purpose to all of that empty space.

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Version: 11.13.55

Article originally published at: Android Police