12 things not to do with your Android smartphone

12 things not to do with your Android smartphone

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Your Android phone is many things: one of your most precious possessions, a statement of who you are, and maybe even the place where you keep your secrets. And yet many of us don’t protect our phones properly, or we do daft things that could do serious damage to our data (or our reputations). What shouldn’t you do with your smartphone?

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According to Paul Simon, there are fifty ways to leave your lover, including “hop on the bus, Gus” and “make a new plan, Stan”. What would the list be like if he were singing about phones rather than partners? Would his Android anthem include such advice as “don’t forget to lock the screen, Gene”? Er, probably not, and it’d probably be rubbish – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a sensible list of things you really shouldn’t do with your smartphone. Here are some of our favorites.
Don’t forget to lock the screen, Gene
A lockable phone is a happy phone – and there are stacks of great lock screen apps. / © ANDROIDPIT
The more we do on our phones, the more damage someone can do if they can get access to it – and one of the simplest ways to secure your phone is to lock it. There’s no shortage of great lock screen apps on Android, and many of them add useful features as well as security.
Remember to update, Kate
It can be hard keeping tabs on which devices get Android updates, but it’s worth paying attention: each new version of Android is mightier than the last. Google Play Services keep the

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