Amazon, get ready for all the scrutiny you never wanted

Amazon, get ready for all the scrutiny you never wanted

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It’s easy to see every mistake now, Amazon.

Welcome to the big leagues, Amazon. After just three days of people being able to use Alexa Calling and Messaging on the Echos we already have, you’ve met the first of many public rebukings when it comes to user privacy. And there will probably be plenty more.

The internet loves it when the big guy makes a mistake.

Amazon has always been one of those companies that collects gigantic mountains of user data anywhere and everywhere it can; It was never really that much different from the Facebooks and Googles of the world in that regard. But because most people only think of Amazon as that place where you can buy the thing you really need and have it overnighted to the front door, it has escaped much of the outrage over how it treats that data. Most people never noticed how you would see fine-tuned recommendations from Amazon all over the web if you had an account, or if we did we didn’t much care because seeing things you like is better than seeing ads for things you don’t. But now things will be very different.

When you move from a device that’s always listening to every word but is there to tell you the whether to buy a box of Tide to a full-fledged communication platform, the things you do get scrutinized much more closely. Things like not being able to block incoming calls made on your new platform seem more important than building a customer profile that tells Amazon when your kid’s birthday is because that’s information you let Amazon have. In 15 years, when our kids have their own Amazon accounts and there’s a full history of all the things they liked since they were babies, we might freak out a

Article originally published at: Android Central