Android O: latest news and features

Android O: latest news and features

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Android O: will it be called Android Oreo?
A Reddit user found an easter egg in a Google Creative Lab developer’s app called ShortStories, which is a text-based game that explores different UI functions of Android. The user, Zitroney, made it to the Dialogs section of the app where he unlocked the Android O section on a path when the player has to seek Android sweets. Once he happened upon the O, the description seemed just like an Oreo: “disc-like,” “chcocolaty, crunchy,” and “dark brown in color with a milky white center”.
You can see the user’s screenshot to the right. / © Reddit user Zitroney
This is just a tease, and not an official confirmation from Google that Android O will be Oreo. Remember when so many people thought Android N would be Nutella rather than Nougat? There could still be a surprise name coming for us.
Android O Public Beta
The Android Beta Program website just got a bit of a refresh, and something big is on its way. The Android Nougat beta is officially complete, and it’s time to make way for the Android O public beta.
For those who don’t know, the beta program allows users with Google’s Pixel and Nexus devices to try out new builds of Android before they rollout to everyone else. They tend to be buggy, but fans don’t let that hold them back from testing the very latest. We reported a while back that the Android O Developer Preview had been released, but now it seems the public beta is coming

Article originally published at: Droid Life